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The Oregon Learns Team

The Oregon Learns project is managed by the Oregon Business Council. OBC’s Education Task Force oversees the Oregon Learns agenda and the project’s work is carried out by OBC staff members and consultants. Most of them have been involved for years in researching and advocating education policy improvement, including many of the redesign policies adopted in the past few years by state government.

The Team

Kyle Ritchey-Noll, is Oregon Learns executive director and OBC education policy manager.
Duncan Wyse, OBC president, counsels policymakers on education redesign and implementation.
John Svicarovich, OBC’s communication director, oversees Oregon Learns communication functions, including the project website, online newsletter, print materials, and grant writing.
John Tapogna, president of ECONorthwest, an expert on education budgeting and data analysis, provides analysis for Oregon Learns convening and consulting. John is also an Oregon Learns Fellow.

This team is supported by the Oregon Learns Fellows.