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Stakeholder Advisory Group Brings Diverse Perspectives

Our partners in the Stakeholder Advisory Group are organizations that work to advance education quality and equity in Oregon.

Leaders of these groups are key resource experts within the Oregon Learns initiative. Our partnership with them enhances our understanding of what is going on in various constituencies and it gives us opportunities to work with one another in supporting education redesign and transformation.

Oregon Learns stakeholder advisors have agreed to meet four times a year to provide guidance and counsel to Oregon Learns. They will help identify key barriers to education redesign along with ways that we can collaborate on solutions.

Participating Organizations

Here are our stakeholder group partners, linked to their websites.
All Hands Raised
Business Education Compact (BEC)
The Chalkboard Project
Children’s Institute
Coalition of Communities of Color
Confederation of Oregon School Administrators (COSA)
Latino Network
Native American Youth Family Center (NAYA)
Oregon Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (The Alliance)
Oregon Community College Association (OCCA)
Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB)
Oregon Education Association (OEA)
Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA)
Oregon PTA
Oregon Student Association (OSA)
Oregon Mentors
SMART (Start Making a Reader Today)
Stand for Children