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Task Force Continues Long OBC History of Support for Education Improvement

The Education Task Force is OBC’s longest standing committee of directors and deputies, with a focus on overhauling Oregon education for better outcomes. See this page for a summary of OBC’s work in education reform.

Besides working on education transformation at the policy level, the Task Force represents OBC member organizations that have a vital interest in an educated work force and that directly partner with local schools, early learning programs, and colleges and universities throughout the state in a variety of ways to support student success. These include volunteering, grants, scholarships, internships, apprenticeships, job shadows, and science and robotics fairs.

OBC directors and deputy directors on the Task Force include:

Andy McCulloch, Kaiser Permanente (Chair)
Julia Brim-Edwards, Nike
Dan Field, Kaiser Permanente
Kimberly Howard, PGE
Jenny Mladenovic, OHSU
Susie Pape, Pape Group
Jim Piro, PGE
Ron Saxton, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
Ken Thrasher, Compli
Kelsey Troy, Knowledge Universe
Vanessa Wilkins, Nike
Tom Wyatt, Knowledge Universe